Meet Ginger, the Photo Love Bus!

Based in Colorado Springs, and enlivening parties and events throughout Colorado with the most fun and unique photo booth experience around. 

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Ginger is a 1971 “bay window” VW bus sporting a modern-day photo booth inside. Check out her before and after pics! Her recent transformation reverted her to her original red and white color scheme, and she turns heads and draws smiles wherever she goes.

It is truly heartwarming to see how people LOVE our VW bus. Men and women, young and old … they all express affection toward Ginger. So many people have stories they want to share about the VW buses they had a chance to know earlier in their lives. And, yes, we drive her, and are just waiting to bring her to your next event! 

We bought Ginger from a local dealer, Cars with Character. Mike is great to work with if you happen to be in the market for old VW parts.


Ginger before her beautiful transformation in early 2014. She has since had a gorgeous paint job and some rust removal, but other than the seat belts (and photo booth!), her interior is original.



Mary Lynne's 13th birthday with friends standing in front of our family's 1971 bus. Same year and same color as Ginger!

Mary Lynne’s 13th birthday with friends standing in front of our family’s dorky 1971 bus. Same year and same color as Ginger!


Our family in our VW bus photo booth.

Our family in our amazing VW bus photo booth.

Our Family Business

Hi, I’m Mary Lynne Ashley, and I’ve been a professional photographer in Colorado Springs since 2001. In addition to my obsession with photography, I recently regained an appreciation for old VW buses.

When I learned of several businesses around the US and in Europe turning old Volkswagen buses into photo booths, I knew I had found my dream business. I’d already been helping a friend with his photo booth, and had been struck by how much fun people were having in it. Even people who would otherwise barely crack a smile had a blast when they got into the photo booth. So after searching high and low for a suitable bus (and seriously, I’m talking a nation-wide search), I finally found her a block from the studio where I work!

While I was growing up, our family vehicle was a red and white 1971 VW bus just like Ginger. Red, that is, until we painted it brown once that original paint job started to fade. 

I think my nostalgia for the bus was first piqued when I saw the movie Little Miss Sunshine. If you saw the movie you might remember how their horn shorted out and wouldn’t stop honking. That exact same thing happened with our bus until my dad got it fixed. It would randomly honk as we drove down the road, embarrassing me to the point I thought I would die. So while I crouched down in the passenger seat attempting to hide, my dad cracked up as our bus made its presence known to all the other drivers on the road.

When I got the chance to take this new-old bus on a test drive, I was comfortably able to hop right in and drive off since it’s the first car I learned how to drive, and it’s what I drove to high school every day once I had my license. My brother and I agreed we should name her Ginger, after my favorite dog we had as a kid.

Since I’m a perfectionist when it comes to photography, I’ll be sure your photo booth pictures are technically excellent, and will ensure you and your guests have a great time creating and preserving fun memories of your event.