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Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Colorado Wedding

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Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Colorado Wedding

Photo booths for weddings in ColoradoPhoto booths create a sense of fun and delight that few other forms of wedding entertainment can match. It’s crazy in this age of selfies that people are still as enamored with photo booths as they are, but the photo booth experience never gets old. Even those of us who own photo booths have fun doing the test shots at the beginning of the event. We still crack ourselves up every single time.

It’s obvious that photo booths are a ideal way to provide a fun activity for the children who might be at the wedding, and many of them will sneak in again and again. What’s interesting, though, is that although kids love a photo booth, adults really love a photo booth.   Maybe it’s because kids still allow themselves to be silly on a regular basis, but adults are typically more reserved, and the photo booth enables them to get a little wild and crazy.

When we’re at an event, the first thing we usually hear people say as they walk in is “Yay! A photo booth! I love photo booths!” And, even if you’ve been in a few photo booths recently, many of your guests probably haven’t. At every event, plenty of people tell us it’s their first ever experience in a photo booth, and exit the booth exclaiming how it’s the most fun they’ve ever had.

Guests will line up to take advantage of the photo booth, and it will be one of the highlights of your wedding reception. 

Think how awesome it will be to have Grandma posing and acting all silly in the photo booth with her kids or grandkids. Or how much fun your old friends from school will enjoy piling into the booth together for some craziness. A photo booth will not only preserve the memory of who was at your wedding, but will also help your guests create fun new memories. “Remember that time we were in the photo booth and Grandpa photo bombed us?”

The great thing about a photo booth is that it’s not just about getting a set of images from the event. In fact, it’s amazing to us how many times people have gotten out of our photo booth and started walking away, and we had to chase them down and hand them their photo strips. “What? We get prints, too? OMG!!!”

A photo booth is as much (if not more) about the experience you provide your guests as it is about the photos.

Photo booth for weddings in ColoradoIt’s the fun of picking props. The fun of squeezing into the booth with people you might not always be squeezing together with. Letting loose in a way many people don’t usually allow themselves to do, and then the gratification of seeing the photos instantly. Photo booths are about hearty, authentic laughter. They’re about having spontaneous fun with those you love.

And don’t forget! Make sure you and your new spouse take advantage of the photo booth! We usually find ourselves sending someone out to track down the bride and groom to be sure they get themselves into the booth before we close down for the evening. Give yourself the luxury of going through the booth a few times — you paid for it! In fact, feel free to cut in line.

What should you consider when choosing your photo booth vendor and options?

Photo booth props ColoradoProps. Yes or No?

What about props? We sometimes hear that props are so “last year.” We’ll have to disagree on that. We watch people go through photo booth lines for hours on end, and are here to tell you people love props. Props help people loosen up and have more fun. A set of props specifically selected for your event might be in order, but we suggest thinking long and hard before totally banning all props from your booth. Remember, your photo booth is more about the experience it provides your guests than anything else. It is likely one of the primary forms of entertainment at your wedding, and the more you can do to make it an over-the-top experience for your guests, the better.


Does the photo booth print photos immediately, and how many copies do guests receive?

Does the vendor use a high-end printer for durable prints that are going to last, or are they just printing the photos with an inkjet printer?

Do you get to customize the message that appears on the print strips?

Colorado wedding photo boothScrapbook/Guestbook

Is there an option to create a scrapbook/guestbook with the photo strips?

Your guests will have fun writing you a note while they’re still laughing from their time in the photo booth, and are writing their note next to the silly photos they just took.

Photo booth vendors will frequently charge a fee for the scrapbook regardless of whether you provide your own book or not, because sticking the scrapbook on a table and ignoring it is like not having a scrapbook at all. The guestbook table will run a LOT more smoothly if there is an attendant dedicated to assisting guests. It seems like creating a little scrapbook with photo strips should be so straight forward, but an unattended scrapbook table might very well mean an empty scrapbook at the end of the night. People need a reminder to be sure they get that extra photo strip into the scrapbook, and tend to need help figuring out how and where to attach the photos. Especially those guests who’ve been enjoying the open bar 😉

Digital Images

Will you receive the digital images at the conclusion of your event? In what format will you receive them (disc, USB drive, online gallery?), and how quickly will you receive them?

Social Sharing

Some couples do not want social media to be a part of their wedding, and your photo booth vendor should respect that! But for those of you who do welcome the social media aspect, you’ll want to ask what sort of social sharing options the booth provides. Does the photo booth provide a way for guests to immediately email or text their photos, or to share their photos to Facebook and Twitter? Maybe you want to include a hashtag on your print strip. If so, be sure to get that info to your vendor in plenty of time! 

Photo Booth Staff

Will the photo booth vendor supply a photo booth attendant for your event? If so, who will be staffing the booth during the wedding? You want a friendly attendant who will encourage your guests to use the booth, and help them through any questions they might have. For many guests, it might be their first time in a photo booth, and they might need a little support and/or encouragement.

How much coverage is included?

Be sure you know how many hours of coverage your vendor is providing, and the cost of additional hours.

What does the photo booth look like?

VW bus at Colorado weddingAre you getting a professional-looking photo booth, or is it a camera on a tripod in the corner of the room? How important is that to you? A camera on a tripod might be just fine, but you might decide you want something more polished.

A typical photo booth is a blast. But think how much more fun it could be if the booth itself were a conversation piece. With our VW bus photo booth, people are delighted before they even get into the booth because they can’t believe it’s actually a photo booth, and many people seem to have an emotional attachment to old Volkswagen buses. Younger people tend to covet them, while older people immediately begin to reminisce about the long gone buses from an earlier time in their life. Whatever form or shape it might take, a unique photo booth bumps up the experience that much more.

Photo Quality

It can be hard to differentiate between good quality and low quality photo booth images when you’re comparing photo booth vendors, but a quick look at their websites should give you some indication of the quality you’ll receive. The photos should at a minimum be crisply in focus, with no red-eye and no funky shadows on people’s faces.

The best photo booth operators are experienced photographers who know how to set up a system with flattering lighting and technically correct images, and who are knowledgeable enough about photography that they can troubleshoot the system should they need to for any reason.


Before making a decision based exclusively on price, consider everything we’ve talked about above, and remember it is about both the quality of the entertainment experience you are providing your guests, and about the quality of the photography product.

Sure, you could take the total price and divide it by the total number of photo booth strips printed for the night and decide you’re being charged $5/photo strip, but we encourage you to look at it differently. The photo booth is a primary source of entertainment for your guests, and how much are you paying for the other entertainment, if any, per hour? In addition to a priceless collection of images of your wedding guests, you are providing personalized wedding favors, along with hours of fun entertainment your guests will enjoy and appreciate.

There are DIY photo booth options out there that might suffice for the budget conscious couple. If you choose to go that route, though, be sure you test it throughly before the big day, and assign someone the responsibility of manning the photo booth for the duration of the event. You don’t want to find out later that your photo booth setup hit a snafu and people gave up on it.


The Photo Love Bus is a modern-day photo booth inside a red vintage 1971 VW bus named Ginger. We also offer traditional enclosed and open air photo booths. We are located in Colorado Springs, and are available to travel to other locations throughout Colorado. You can contact us at or 719-205-7236 for more info!

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