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Old VW bus photo recreated

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Old VW bus photo recreated

1971 VW bus

Back when I was a kid in Virginia, my family had a VW bus exactly like Ginger. Same year, same color! No one would have called it cute or awesome back then. It was just our car. It’s what I drove to school, soccer practice, and the big after-graduation three-hour road trip to Ocean City, Maryland. Since I was the one with access to a 7-seater vehicle, I was the one driving my friends from here to there and everywhere.

Since this photo is not dated, if I’ve’ done the math right, I am going to have to say it was my 13th birthday party at the beginning of 8th grade in 1975. Our four-year-old 1971 Volkswagen bus is behind us.

This summer, my life-long friend Marie, who was in the original photo, came to Colorado for a visit, and we posed for the bottom photo with my new old 44-year-old 1971 bus … OMG … FORTY YEARS later! Okay, so I just did that math and am reeling from it a bit.

Now that I take a closer look, of course I’d like to give it another try to get the little details right, but that’s a little tricky since she still lives in Virginia, and I’m in Colorado. We didn’t do the best in the wardrobe/prop department, but hey, I didn’t happen to have a ukulele or a pair of bell-bottom jeans lying around. I tore the house apart looking for red bandana prior to doing this, and found it in a box hours after we took this photo, of course 🙁

Regardless, we did a great job cracking ourselves up recreating the photo, and maybe we’ll do it again in another 40 years!

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