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Waldo Waldo 5K | Photo Booth in a VW Bus!

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Waldo Waldo 5K | Photo Booth in a VW Bus!

Waldo Waldo 5K Colorado springs photo boothWe’ve had an incredible time participating in so many local Colorado Springs events this year, but there are some events Ginger was simply made for. The Waldo Waldo 5K walk & fun run fundraiser at America the Beautiful Park? That would be one of them. In fact, it may be the event.

Ginger always receives gobs of attention when she’s out in public, but her Waldo Waldo appearance was over the top. Resplendent in her own Waldo costume complete with hat and glasses, she had no problem stealing the limelight. Attendees were lined up not only to climb inside and experience our VW bus photo booth, but also to grab a shotColorado Springs Waldo Waldo photo booth of themselves and friends posing with Ginger. It was by far the most attention she’s ever received, and she was loving it. She digs it when people call her “cute,” and heard that all morning long.

While Ginger bathed in that glory, our team was also super busy keeping the photo booth line moving. It was a little easier than usual to move things along since this was the only event we’ve worked where we needed absolutely no props. The Waldo costumes, with the goofy glasses and caps, did the trick all by themselves.

Waldo VW bus photo booth Colorado Springs

Ginger, the Photo Love Bus photo booth, Colorado Springs, dressed up as Waldo for a 5K fun run and walk fundraiser at America the Beautiful Park.

Around 10am, thousands of Waldos gathered into the field for the world record photo. It was super cool to see the drone flying over the crowd capturing an arial view of the sea of Waldos, and to be counted in the attempt to beat the world record gathering of the most people dressed like Waldo. We still think Ginger should have been counted, though, since she did dress up in a pretty spectacular way, after all.

Photo Love Bus photo booth at Waldo Waldo 5KWith the cold weather upon us, Ginger may be taking a little break here soon, but we’re also able to set up an enclosed or an open air photo booth. We offer your guests the same fun photo booth experience, just without Ginger’s awesomeness. Holiday parties are so much more fun with a photo booth, so please get in touch if we can help!

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